perjantai 30. syyskuuta 2016

What do we do in our school, part 2

Our teacher watching how we use the chainsaw.

We got to see how the big tree harvester works.

Here we are visiting Keltakangas Waste Center.

Keltakangas Waste Center.

Cutting down a tree and cleaning the yard.

Cutting down 3 m long trees.

We also learned how to make a fire in the winter.

Winter work.

Students from our class representing KSAO in this "open doors"-day.

 The snowmobile might be old but it was working!

 All kind of machines that we get to drive.

Having an outdoor lunch with the exchange students from Germany.

Learnig how to do fire in an different way.


Cutting the dry branches from the trees...

...with the chainsaw.

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