perjantai 30. syyskuuta 2016

What do we do in our school, part 1

I think pictures are the best way to show you what we do in our school, so here you go:

 This is BioSampo, training and research centre.

 In the first year we learnt how to drive a tractor.

Our very first task as a class was to cut this bush and make a tunnel into it.

Tractor training continues.

Removing the bushes and opening the scenery to the river.

This is the main campus in Anjala.

Our class visiting Valkmusa National Park, which is one big swamp.

Doing some real work with this machine, not just practising in the field.

Entering the Repovesi National Park.

 We did some repairing work to the stairs in the nearby trail.

We did two trips to the Gulf of Finland National Park, both to the island Ulko-Tammio.

Learning to use the chainsaw.

Trip to the island included preparing our own meals.

The campsite.

Last year we also had horses in the school.

Climbing down the rock.

On this day we learned how to put down small fire.

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