Project overview

The purpose of the project is to raise the quality of vocational education in the field of Natural Resources with respect to sustainable development and environmental protection.  It also encourages the participants to develop sustainable practises in campus life and transfer good practises to their everyday life.

The project offers an opportunity for students to work in an international context by offering them multicultural workshops.  They will have more knowledge of the culture of the partner country and they will learn communication and documentation in English.

This blog is the platform for preparatory work between the colleges.  Also, the results are published here.  In the core of the project is the visit of Finnish students to Estonia.  The visit includes an environmental audit of the Särevere campus of Järvamaa Kutshariduskeskus.  The campus has an sustainability programme in which the basic review and planning was made in 2015 by a student of Kouvola Region Vocational College.